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Easily connect with your customers and | acquintances with just a tap of your MTN Smart Card

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FCFA 9,900

Perfect for non business | owners. Includes

  • icon 1x Phone Number
  • icon 1x Email Address
  • icon Unlimited Social Links
FCFA 24,900

Ideal for small business owners. | Includes

  • icon 3x Phone Number
  • icon 3x Email Address
  • icon Unlimited Social Links
  • icon All Business Info
FCFA 39,900

Specially designed for large | businesses. Inlcudes

  • icon 3x Phone Number
  • icon 3x Email Address
  • icon Unlimited Social Links
  • icon All Business Info
  • icon Custom Card Design

How It Works

Tap The Card

You can tap your MTN Digital Business Card on any NFC enabled smartphone to easily exchange your contact information. The person with whom you wish to share your information with doesn’t require an app in order to view your info. For iphone users, you can tap the card at the Top Front or Back of the iPhone. For Android users you can tap the card behind usually at the bottom. middle and sometimes at the top of the android phone.

tap card
tap card

Scan The QR Code

Your MTN Digital Business Card has a QR code at the back. You can use the camera of your smartphone or any QR code reader application to scan the QR code at the back of your MTN digital business card to exchange your business information. Forgot your card? Don’t worry, from the mobile app you can still share your contact information.

Purchase Your Card

You can buy your MTN Digital Business Card at any local MTN shop. One of our shop assistance will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase.

Once you purchase your card, you need to download the app to update your card information and activate your card.

Download The App

Download the Taaply App from the Google Playstore or App Store and update all your card information. You have unlimited access to the app and it is free for life.

Place Order Here

Please place your corporate orders here. This form is for Corporate Card Order ONLY. You will need to download the excel spreadsheet and fill out the sheet accordingly. Once done, you can upload the sheet and fill out the form. Once you have successfully placed your corporate order, someone from the MTN specialist team will contact you to process your order


Step 1

Download the excel sheet and enter all the employee information for all employees that need a smart card.

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Step 2

Upload the excel sheet and fill out the form below to confirm your request.

Corporate Login

For all corporate access please click on login below for access to your corporate profile and employee database. You will need to enter your username and temporary password that was issued after your order was completed.

Login here and manage your employees.