Frequently Asked Questions

A1. The MTN Smart Card is a digital business card that allows you to share all your contact information with just a tap on any smartphone with NFC or by scanning the QR Code at the back of the smartcard.

A2. We have 3 types of MTN Smart Card which are:
  • Social card suitable for students, artists and generally for people without a business.
  • Professional (Pro) card is perfect for small business owners.
  • Corporate (Corp) card for large enterprise to share their business information and at the same time for employers to track and authenticate their employees when out in the field, and more.

A3. Android: Google play store, iOS: App store. The app is called Taaply

A4. The MTN Smart Card shares all my contact info and social media info, including but not limited to videos and events by just tapping my card or scanning the qr code on any smartphone.

A5. The card will work on most smartphones. A full list of compatible NFC compatible smartphones can be found on the link below

A6. You may not be able to login to your account for 1 or 2 reasons.
  • You are signing it with a different account from the one you created.
  • If you created an account using google or Facebook, then you need to login with one of these accounts in order to gain access to your information.
  • For any other login issues please contact our Support Team at

    A7. Yes, you can. You can switch between profiles on the Taaply App.

  • Social card is more for youths to share their social media links and basic contact info.
  • The pro card is for those that own a small business so they can share their business and personal information if needed.
  • The corporate card is a personalize card and comes with o back office than can be used by the employer to manage their employee information, tracking, send group messages and more.
  • A9. After downloading the Taaply App and creating your account, update your profile by filling in the information of your social or pro card. Once updated, select “More” on the bottom navigation menu, and click on “Activate Card”. Click on Scan card and choose the method you wish to activate your card either NFC or QR Code, then follow the onscreen instructions.

    A10. This means your card has already been activated. Try to scan the QR code at the back of the card or tap the card on your smartphone to see what contact information is associated with your card. If this isn’t your contact information, then please contact our support team immediately via email

    A11. Yes. Go to the Taaply App and click on “More” on the bottom navigation, then click on “Lost or Stolen Card”, select the card you wish to deactivate and click “Deactivate”.

    A12. Depending on the smartphone, you can either tap the card on the top front or back area of the smartphone (for iPhones) or at the back top, middle or bottom area (for androids) of the smartphone. See list of phone compatibilities using the link below. You can also use the phone camera to scan the QR code at the back of the card too .

    A13. BizTok is a social platform for people to post short 30seconds captivating videos advertising their business or social events and it is completely FREE. You can upload your videos by simply going to BizTok and clicking on the plus sign then follow the onscreen instructions.

    A14. Once in the app, select the profile you wish to add your social links on and click on the bottom of the page “Add Links” and select what social links you wish to add. Instructions are available on the app.

    A15. First, make sure your iPhone has the latest available iOS version. You can only download the Taaply app using iOS version 14 and above.

    A16. Check if your smartphone is NFC enabled by searching on the settings menu for “NFC” and turning it on. If your smartphone doesn’t have NFC then you will not be able to tap your card to access the card info. However, most smartphones have a QR code reader embedded in their camera. You can scan the QR code at the back of the card instead. Otherwise, you can download any QR Code scanner and use it to scan the qr code on the MTN smart card.

    A17. The Taaply app can be used to update your profile information, store contacts, advertise your business using BizTok, post your events and a lot more.

    A18. No. They don’t necessarily need the app and they can store your contact info directly on their smartphone.

    A19. First, at MTN we take privacy very seriously. You also need to make sure you only put the information you wish to share. Plus, if you’ve lost your card, you can deactivate your card from the app.

    A20. All those that you decide to share your information with.

    A21. When you get a new phone, you can download the Taaply App and login with your information to regain access to your account and contacts. If you wish to deactivate your contact information immediately you can contact MTN B2B Marketing on the details available on our website

    A22. You can email us at or via our website or phone 6 800 88 008